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Should I Take a Plea or Go To Trial? Eight Steps to Your Decision.

"Should I take a Plea or Go to Trial" is one of the most frequent questions clients ask ...
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Criminal Charges for Giving Someone an STD

In New York, in addition to civil liability, there may be criminal charges for giving someone an STD ...
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What is NY Shock Incarceration and How Do I Qualify?

NY Shock Incarceration allows individuals who will become eligible for release on parole or a conditional release within ...
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What is a NY ACD or ACOD?

You may be wondering what a NY ACD is if you have spent any time in New York ...
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Difference between a NY determinate and indeterminate sentence

New York State divides felony matters into two categories - those with determinate and indeterminate sentences. Simply put, ...
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What is a New York SCI – Superior Court Information?

Under New York Law, a District Attorney can issue a Superior Court Information (in NY commonly called "SCI") ...
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What is a NY Conditional Discharge in a Criminal Case?

Under New York Criminal Procedure Law Section 65.05, a NY Conditional Discharge is type of sentence a sentence ...
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What To Do When You Are Arrested for Drunk Driving

Getting arrested for drunk driving may just be one of the worst ways to end your night. Here ...
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What is New York 30.30 time and how is it calculated?

You may be asking yourself what is 30.30 time that everyone keeps talking about in New York Courts? ...
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A detective contacted me – what do I do?

Finding out that a detective wants to speak to you may be to be one of the most ...
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Should I hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Yes you should, as hiring a criminal defense attorney can make a world of difference for your case ...
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Can you spy on your spouse?

Can you spy on your husband in New York? Are there any criminal laws against it? Recently, I ...
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Federal Compassionate Release in Time of COVID-19

Compassionate Release due to COVID-19 Under 18 U.S.C. ยง 3582(c)(1)(A), a federal judge has authority to grant "Compassionate ...
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What Happens to my Criminal Case if the Victim Recants?

What Happens to my Criminal Case if the Victim Recants? Your criminal case may change if the victim ...
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