Press Release re: Leor Kweller Dismissal of Charges

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Justice triumphed on May 31, 2023 as Hon. Judge Carol Cocchiola of Broome County Court dismissed all charges against Leor Kweller. 

From day one, Mr. Kweller has adamantly denied the allegations and maintained his innocence. The charges against our client were initiated before a thorough investigation was finished, and should never have been filed.

The unrelenting and thorough defense investigation confirmed that our client was legally and factually innocent. As we have argued in the Defense Omnibus Motion, the law, facts, truth and justice required a complete dismissal of all charges. 

We are immensely grateful that the Court carefully reviewed the law and the facts and prevented a miscarriage of justice.    

The Defense team included Elena Fast and Michael Perkins of The Fast Law Firm, P.C. Andrea Zellan of Brafman & Associates, P.C., and Herman Weisberg of Sage Intelligence.