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Being accused or charged with a crime is undoubtedly a very stressful experience. We try to make it less stressful by providing individualized attention to every client. You won’t have to worry about what’s happening with your case, as we will always update you on any developments as they happen.

In addition to providing a very personal attorney client experience, we have obtained phenomenal results for our clients. We have secured dismissals, acquittals and bargain-basement plea offers on numerous high profile cases and felony matters in federal and state courts across the United States. We have represented clients on federal homicide charges, FDIC investigations, narcotics trafficking associated with overdose deaths, banking and wire fraud, high-profile sex cases, weapons possessions and many more.

Even if your case does not make the front page of the paper, you deserve to feel like you are our most important client. Your case is the most important case to you, and therefore it is the most important case to us. Please contact us today to find out if we are a good fit.

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