Our representative cases include representation of clients on federal and state government investigations, criminal defense case, civil litigation matters, securities and regulatory compliance as well as numerous evidentiary hearings and trials. Below are some of our representative cases.

Federal Crimes

  • Representation of antiquities and weapons dealer accused of trafficking of Endangered Species (Eastern District of New York);
  • Criminal representation of a real estate broker participating in a mortgage fraud scheme (District of New Jersey);
  • Representation of individual for money laundering through an investment club (Southern District of New York);
  • Representation of an individual charged with operating a credit card fraud ring involving multiple banks (District of New Jersey).

Financial Crimes & Securities Fraud

  • Lead trial counsel in a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud case (NY County, NY);
  • Representation of a federal defense contractor on a public corruption investigation by the Office of Inspector General (District of Columbia);
  • Counsel for a multi-national money transmitter accused of violating FCPA and money laundering over 20 million dollars (Northern District of Texas);
  • Representation of a public official on a public corruption investigation of a non-profit organization (Westchester County, NY);
  • Representation of a hedge fund principal for theft of corporate assets (New York County, NY);
  • Representation of a tax preparer on preparation of fraudulent tax returns (Southern District of New York).

Domestic Violence

  • Representation of a client accused of statutory sexual contact with a family member (Camden County, NJ);
  • Representation on a Burglary in the First Degree charge of a client accused of breaking into his girlfriend’s residence (New York County, NY)

Drug Crimes

  • Representation of leader of a K2 manufacturing and trafficking ring (Southern District of New York);
  • Representation of an individual charged with distribution of cocaine through the U.S. Postal Service (Southern District of New York);
  • Representation of an individual charged with heroin distribution that led to a fatal overdose death (Southern District of New York);
  • Representation of an individual manufacturing and selling homemade alprazolam through the dark web (Southern District of New York).

Sex Crimes

  • Representation of an individual accused of Rape in New York and New Jersey (Union County, NJ and Queens County, NY);
  • Co-Counsel on a trial of auxiliary NYPD police officer charged with Sexual Abuse (NY County, NY);
  • Representation of a physician accused of sexual abuse by multiple patients (Jefferson County, NY);
  • Representation of an individual accused of upskirting an international beauty queen, winner of Binibining Pilipinas (Queens County);
  • Representation of an attorney on a parallel criminal and family court proceeding involving rape allegations (Bergen County, NJ).

Violent Crimes and Weapons Charges

  • Representation of an actress in possession of a handgun, believed to be a prop (New York County);
  • Representation of individuals with guns and ammunition found in suitcases at JFK (Queens County);
  • Representation of a felon in possession of 200 firearms (District of South Carolina);
  • Representation of an individual accused of running a Continuing Criminal Enterprise involving a distribution of heroin, cocaine and fentanyl with an overdose death and multiple homicides associated with the enterprise (Western District of New York);
  • Sentencing of an individual charged with a burglary and home invasion pattern (Middlesex County, NJ).

Healthcare Fraud

  • Representation of a pain management doctor accused of running a pill mill (Southern District of New York);
  • Representation of a pharmacist on A-I felony distribution of oxycodone (NY County);
  • Representation of a pharmacist involved in a fraudulent prescription coupon scheme (Eastern District of New York).

Witness Representation

  • Representation of Witness on parallel criminal and SEC Investigation of a cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offering (Eastern District of New York);
  • Witness representation on SEC investigation into subprime auto sales market and securities rating fraud (District of New Jersey);
  • Witness representation on asbestos investigation of New York City Housing Authority (Southern District of New York).

Securities and Regulatory Compliance

  • Counsel for cyber-technology company accused of violations of FCPA (District of Alaska);
  • Representation of an individual under investigation inadvertent download of child pornography though torrent files (pre-arrest investigation);
  • Regulatory counsel to a money transmitter regarding compliance with anti-money laundering regulations;
  • Regulatory counsel to a financial executive to assist with corporate compliance of FDIC regulations;
  • Litigation of market manipulation matter and settlement negotiation with Securities and Exchange Commission (Southern District of New York).
  • Counsel to employee of a Fortune 500 company on parallel criminal and SEC enforcement on insider trading (District of New Jersey)
  • Attorneys for industry insider accused of insider trading in “tipper” can commenced by the SEC and the U.S. Attorney’s Office (Eastern District of Washington).

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