“Not just the criminal defense lawyer of the year, lawyer of my life”

– Former Client

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Our Philosophy: Your Case is the Most Important Case to Us.

Dealing with a criminal case is stressful enough. Having to chase your criminal defense attorney for case updates shouldn’t be adding to your stress. While I can’t guarantee exactly how your case will resolve itself, I promise you dedication, transparency and relentlessness in getting the best possible outcome.

I have spent my entire career in criminal law. First, as a prosecutor with Kings County District Attorney’s Office and then as a partner at a white-collar federal defense firm. I’ve tried cases ranging from simple drug possessions to death-penalty eligible homicides.

Your case is the most important case to you. Therefore, it is the most important case to me. I intentionally take on a limited number of cases in order to provide each client with unparalleled service and personalized attention.

Elena Fast

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What Our Clients Say

Smart and Honest Lawyer

I am someone who does not have experience in this area so I am really quite nervous about potential outcomes. At this stage I have only consulted her but I found her to be extremely open and honest about my situation. She answered every question I… Read more “Smart and Honest Lawyer”

Stellar Trial Attorney- Highly Recommend.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ms. Fast on a two week long jury trial in Manhattan Supreme Court. Despite the sensitive nature of the allegations, Ms. Fast thoroughly impressed me with her focus and dedication throughout. At the conclusion of trial, court security… Read more “Stellar Trial Attorney- Highly Recommend.”

Incorporation with Estate Planning

I needed help setting up an LLC with a DBA and making sure that my LLC interests would transfer to my beneficiaries upon death. Elena was able to help me with it all. She was thoughful, responsive, clear, concise, and an overall pleasant person to work… Read more “Incorporation with Estate Planning”

The best!!!

Elena is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of criminal law. She is a tremendous listener and has the ability to break things down in a manner that is very understandable. I literally could not give a higher rating for both a lawyer and a person. Feel… Read more “The best!!!”


Elena is very knowledgeable and detailed. After consulting my case with her i felt like I could practice law myself with all the information I gained. Shes definitely a keeper. Thanks Elena

A 4 minute phone call turned into a lifetime of relief!

Elena answered the phone right away when I called in despair for legal advice, she was respectful and kind right off the bat which made me so comfortable. She answered all of my questions with zero judgement and complete respect and thoroughness. I can’t even imagine… Read more “A 4 minute phone call turned into a lifetime of relief!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I talk to the police before I consult an attorney?

Absolutely not, even if you believe you are innocent and have nothing to hide. Consult an experienced criminal defense attorney before speaking to the police. Going in to meet with the detective or a federal agent without an attorney can only put you in a worse situation. In conclusion, don't do it! Call us first.

Can I find out if I'm under investigation by law enforcement?

Maybe. While there is no database that allows for a search of all open investigations, there are ways we can try to figure it out. First, we will discuss your concerns regarding criminal exposure. Second, we will figure out which agency may be investigating your matter. Third, we may make some calls to see if we can locate the assigned investigator or case agent.

How much does it cost to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

It varies. The fee for each case depends on amount of work required and the complexity of the work. A desk-appearance ticket for trespassing will have a very different fee than a federal racketeering indictment. To discuss your case, please give us a call. We offer flexible payment options.

What can I do to help my lawyer defend my case?

You need to be honest with your attorney about the specifics of your case, even if certain parts may be embarrassing or incriminating. As your attorneys, we are the keepers of your secrets and the guardians of your rights. It is important that we know absolutely everything, no matter how bad it is, in order to defend you successfully.

Should I accept a plea deal or go to trial?

It depends on the facts of the case and the evidence against you. The decision whether to accept a plea deal is yours and yours alone. Prior to making that decision, we will go through all the discovery and discuss the strengths of and the weaknesses of the prosecutor's case. Although approximately 97% of cases are resolved through a plea bargain, we prepare each case litigation from the very beginning. In the event your case falls into the other 3%.