How To Prepare For a Proffer Session

If your attorney is counseling that you should consider going in for a proffer session, you may be ...
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FAQs About New York Child Pornography Cases

New York Child Pornography cases are aggressively prosecuted under both New York State and federal law. Some of ...
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What is New York Youthful Offender Status?

New York Youthful Offender Adjudication is a special provision in the Criminal Procedure Law that allows young people ...
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Can I Terminate Probation Early?

If you have been sentenced to probation, you may be wondering if you can terminate probation early. The ...
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Will I Be Detained After a Guilty Plea in Federal Court?

It is important to understand whether you will be detained after a guilty plea in federal court. In ...
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What Happens if I Tamper With a Witness?

Anyone with a criminal case has probably wondered, what happens to my case if a witness doesn't show ...
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What To Do If You Missed Your Court Appearance

One of the most stressful things about having a criminal case is keeping track of your appearance dates ...
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What is a Federal Pre-Trial Interview?

During your first appearance in federal court, a District Court Judge will determine if you should be detained ...
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What is New York Unlawful Surveillance?

New York Unlawful Surveillance charges involve unlawful monitoring of another individual dressing or undressing or the sexual or ...
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Is Skipping Jury Duty a Crime?

The jury system is the cornerstone of our criminal justice system. Without jurors being available to hear cases, ...
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How Do I Seal a Criminal Case on My Rap Sheet?

If you have previously been arrested in New York, you may be wondering if there are ways to ...
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What is a Voluntary Surrender?

A voluntary surrender is a turn-in at the precinct, that has been pre-arranged by your attorney for arrest ...
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New York 30.30 Suspension Due To COVID-19

With Courts slowly reopening operations, the biggest question on the minds of clients and criminal defense attorneys is ...
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Is Stealthing a Crime in New York?

Is Stealthing a Crime in New York? The short answer to the question "Is stealthing a crime in ...
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What is a Consent to Search?

What is a Consent to Search? A consent to search is allowing the police or members of law ...
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Can I Get in Trouble for Sending a Nude Photo to a Minor?

Frequently, online communications with strangers develop into texting and exchanging intimate photos. Although generally not an issue between ...
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