What To Do If You’re Under Federal Criminal Investigation

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Regular people sometimes find themselves in the middle of a federal criminal investigation. One of the more terrifying things that can happen to an individual is being accused of a crime. It’s not uncommon for people who are wrongly accused to be detained or incarcerated while their case is pending, which can have significant consequences on their family, job, and the future.

One thing you should consider if you’re under federal criminal investigation is what you need to do if you’re under federal criminal investigation? This post will take a look at the process and provide valuable information for those who are concerned about what they need to do if believe they are the subject of a federal criminal investigation

How the Federal Investigation Starts

The federal investigation starts in several different ways. It may involve:

  • A visit by from a federal investigator. They’ll want to know your story and ask about any criminal activity you may have been involved in. If the federal investigator has enough evidence, may arrest you on the spot or issue a summons to appear in court;
  • Receiving a Subpoena to produce documents or provide testimony regarding a civil or a criminal matter;
  • Getting a notification from your email or social media provider that they have received a search warrant from the Court to search the contents of your messages;
  • Having a federal audit conducted on your business or having a search warrant executed on your home, or place of business.

What To Do If You’re Questioned by Law Enforcement

If you’re under federal criminal investigation, you need to know what your rights are as a defendant. You have the right to remain silent and only answer questions that pertain to the specific crime for which you’re being investigated. You can’t be forced to provide any information, incriminating or otherwise, without a court order. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.

It is essential that when you are arrested, or questioned by the investigators, you remain calm and request an attorney before answering any of their questions. It is ok to provide your name, but you should not be giving any other information without an attorney being present. That is true even if you believe you have done nothing wrong.

In most cases, whoever is being interrogated will have their Miranda rights read before anything takes place. This is just to inform them of their rights and provide them with an opportunity to consult an attorney if they so choose before they agree to speak with investigators or give up any information about themselves or others who may have been involved in committing a crime. Always request an attorney and do not answer any questions.

What Do I Need to Do If I Am Under a Federal Investigation

If you’re under federal criminal investigation, you should expect the government to come to your home and question you and other family members. They will take your phone, computer, and anything else that could have evidence against you. You should also expect the government to want to interview friends, coworkers and any potential witnesses about what they know about you or your case.

The next thing you need to do is find a lawyer who has experience with federal criminal investigations. A lawyer will help build your defense and fight to protect your rights.

It’s important that you get in contact with a lawyer as soon as possible if you believe you are under federal criminal investigation. Lawyers are most effective when they are able to analyze the evidence before the government has had time to put together their case against you, which is why it’s important that you get in touch with one as soon as possible. The more time your attorney has to get up to speed, the better.

You may also consider contacting and retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney if you’re yet been contacted by law enforcement. Every situation and case is different. It’s good to have counsel early on to advise you on what to do when you believe you are under federal investigation. Having counsel early on may make a world of difference in the outcome of your case.

Know Your Rights

It’s important to know your rights if you’re under federal criminal investigation. One of the most valuable rights is the right to remain silent. The Fifth Amendment gives you the opportunity to remain silent when questioned by law enforcement officials. If you don’t say anything during an interrogation, it can’t be used against you in a trial. Sometimes, the statements that criminal defendants give when interrogated end up being some of the best evidence for the prosecutors on their case.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

You should consult and potentially hire a criminal defense attorney. It is better to have an attorney than trying to handle the federal criminal investigation on your own. Just like you go to a physician to diagnose your ailment, rather than solely rely on WebMD, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you with a federal criminal investigation. If you cannot afford an attorney, you should contact the federal public defender for the District where the case is pending to get assistance and have someone assigned to represent you.

Once you have an attorney, they’ll help you navigate the process – which isn’t easy for people who don’t know how the system works. Your attorney will interview you to obtain al the information and develop defenses. If you are meeting with the U.S. Attorney’s Office or the investigators, your attorney will sit in with you during your questioning. Your attorney will also help with trying to suppress evidence and the issued search warrants. When your case will go to court, your attorney represent you before any court hearings or trials.

Throughout the process, they’ll tell you what rights you have and what options are available to protect your legal rights and interests. They’ll also help defend your case in court even if there wasn’t much evidence against you in the first place.


If you believe you are a witness, subject or target on a federal criminal investigation, you need experienced federal criminal defense attorney to represent you. We have handled numerous pre-arrest investigations on both federal and state level. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.