Look No Further! Incredible, Attentive, and Meticulous.

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I can not express the words of sheer gratitude , I have for this lawyer. I’ve an army of attorneys in minor criminal matters , business , contractual, etc. She is the best yet I have had major criminal issues in the past 10-15 years of my life and I have never met always so hands on and In tune with me . She was my first choice on a case, but I ended up going with another attorney , I regret that decision I knew in my heart that Elena was best suited for this matter. So I fired the previous attorney after paying my retainer hired her and her firm. She is worth every dollar, she is honest and tell you like it is no sugar coating just facts. She is a super power one of kind you will not find any one like her . I have a serious case but I can sleep at night knowing I have a strong defense attorney by my side not only is she my counselor she has became a friend all natural unforced. I’m blessed and she will Remain apart of my arsenal for life . We have gotten smalls wins and ultimately I have faith we will have a major one.