Kind, Compassionate, Dedicated, Trustworthy — Everything You Could Want in an Attorney and So Much More

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When I met Elena, I was a grown man in tears. I was being accused of something and had no means of processing what was happening to me. I called her office just looking for someone — anyone — to represent me. Little did I know I’d soon meet the best attorney in the world. During the initial consultation, she took copious amounts of notes, making sure she had every detail. She let me do most of the talking, and I knew immediately that she was not only processing, but listening. And caring. And thinking of the best way to help me. She was able to quickly understand my plight and treated me like a friend rather than just a client. She explained everything and answered every single one of my questions, even when I rephrased the same question 50 different ways. I never felt rushed; I felt heard. When I talk to Elena, she makes me feel like I’m her only client. It’s that level of service and attention that makes her stand out. When I reach out to her, she writes back quickly. That turnaround matters so much to me, and believe me when I say it’ll matter to you too. Nothing has been the same since the events that led me to Elena, but through it all she has been the one bright spot in a world of darkness. She’s so deserving of this review, but to be honest I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank her enough for always being there for me. No one wants to need a criminal defense attorney. But if you do need one, you want Elena to be that person. Elena is the real deal. If you are frantically searching reviews to find the right person, it’s ok to stop. You’ve found her.