I Was Lucky To Find Her Among All Law Firms

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I was involved in an OIG Investigation. I did talk to 7 attorneys in New York and D.C. I was just lucky to get in touch with Ms. Elena Fast. The initial consulting was very useful and it never felt like she is pushing me to work with her. I had a hard time deciding which law firm to choose, and everyone’s strategy for my case was different. After talking to Elena I recognized I can trust this lawyer. She is extremely smarts and knows the right way of handling the case. In my situation, I had no evidence supporting my argument, and I was nervous. Elena came up with a brilliant defense idea. She is fast and easily accessible. This is something I appreciated the most. My emails and calls were answered very quickly. I highly recommend her. She will give you the peace of mind you need in stressful moments. She is dedicated, reads all documents in detail, and very quickly. She not only rely on her own experience, but she also does her own extensive research on the matter. I have prior experience in interviewing and hiring people. I chose to work with Elena since I recognized her as a rising star, someone who wants to be the best in her field and works hard. But after working with her during my case, I think she is a rock star and I highly recommend her. When you are in difficult situations, things can be stressful. It is important to have a lawyer that cares, fights smart, is always accessible, and the outcome of your case matters to her. Elena is extremely professional and well prepared. She arranged several practice and rehearsal sessions for me prior to my big day. The day went exactly how she described. I consider myself fortunate to have chosen her. I hope you won’t be in such stressful situations, but if you happen to be, please trust this lawyer, I highly respect her and will recommend her strongly.