Excellent Expertise & Patience

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I’m a screenwriter and have had the pleasure to be advised by Elena Fast for a legal question I had about a character committing a crime in my story. Ms. Fast not only responded to my after-hours inquiry mail with lightning speed, but she also gave me every possible angle and outcome of the scenario I presented. We were on the phone for quite a while! She also knew everything about the different perspectives (i.e. what would the judge say, what would the prosecutor do, the jury, the defense attorney, etc. etc., not to mention all the document names and specific terms). Best of all, Ms. Fast gave me her time out of the kindness of her soul. Just giving back, she said, as she remembers fondly all those who have helped her along the way. If my screenplay makes it to the screen and I have any say, I’m putting Ms. Fast into the credits! 🙂 Super grateful!!