Could Not Have Been Happier

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The most obvious thing about Mrs. Fast when you meet her is that she is extremely intelligent, hard working, and a master at her craft. Despite being in high demand, she has a way of making you feel as though you are her only client. I retained her services for a case that to me seemed unwinnable but after seven months of work we had amassed a defense that was so strong that the petitioner had no options but to drop the case altogether. Mrs. Fast’s work ethic was on full display from start to finish… nights, weekends, and 7 hours on Christmas day for me. Truly incredible. Mrs. Fast also has a great understanding of the human side of a court proceeding, and the tremendous amount of stress a legal battle can put on someone- her support was one of the key reasons I made it through this mess with my sanity in tact. in short, I would run – not walk, to retain her services and would recommend her to absolutely anyone.