Blessing to Us All

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Elena has been with me the day I found out I was under arrest, every day in between, and is STILL here for me at the end of it all. She is the kindest, most personable, and thoughtful lawyer. I met her for the first time at the police station and she never left my side. She was present during the interview and waited until I was able to go home. Elena is so easy to talk to, knows the system well, and PUTS IN WORK for her clients. She knew I wanted to return to work and she also knew similar cases could take up to a year. It was going to be a few months, so she motivated me to get a puppy. A really dumb decision put me in the situation, but getting the puppy was the best decision I made.

She listens to you, really listens. She is upfront with costs, everything. She understood my financial situation and still motivated me to get a puppy, telling me she trusts me that the fee will be settled. Her kindness made my depression and anxiety appear less and less as months and months passed by.

I wanted to return to work ASAP and Elena knew that, she also knew about an upcoming certification exam, which I thought about rescheduling. I didn’t, I passed. I was able to focus on studying while I waited for news on my case. Elena also called and reached out to everyone she needed to on my behalf. She was prompt and kept every single promise. She got me the best resolution, connected me with another lawyer for personal injury, and got me back to work all in 6 months.
I tell her every time I message her that she’s a blessing to this earth (so long as she’s on my side). I would hate to be the …other guy.