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Hello, I was arrested on 10/31/2018 and Elena came to bail me out and that was the first day I met her. At that point, I just see her as another lawyer trying to make money off of me. After she bailed me out, she immediately made an appointment with me to explain what had happened. She keeps everything up to date no letting go any main points. The whole year she kept me calm and confident so I can continue on with my life not nervously. I feel her emotionally to really want to help me. The case didn’t go well at all because I don’t trust her yet. Elena make sure we were both up to date with me.  I feel that Elena follow my case by her heart. Towards the end, she make sure I tell the truth on everything and that really helped my trial. The day when Elena told me I got 6 months jail time, my heart dropped. My case had an 8 year minimum. None of us who worked on this case could believe this outcome. My family and friends do not believe what she did to get me from 8 years all the way down to 6 months. IF MS. ELENA FAST DO NOT GET THE TITLE OF BEING LAWYER OF THE YEAR, SHE IS DEFINITELY THE LAWYER OF MY LIFE. Thank you, Elena!