A detective contacted me – what do I do?

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Finding out that a detective wants to speak to you may be to be one of the most stressful and unnerving experiences in life.

Speak to an Attorney Before you Speak to the Detective

It is natural is to inquire why they’re contacting you. However, you must resist that urge. Take a breath. Gather your thoughts. And say absolutely nothing. If the agent is on the phone, or at your door, get their contact information. Also, it is helpful to know which agency they are with. Then, give us a call and schedule a consultation.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent and Say Nothing to the Detective

You have a Constitutional right to remain silent. You should fully be exercising that right. At the very least until you consult and retain an attorney. Any conversations you have with law enforcement, but be strategic and calculated. They must only take place in the presence of an attorney and most likely the prosecutor. By law, law enforcement is able to use deceit during interrogations. They are legally able to mislead you about the status of their investigation, which can and will put you in a bad situation.

Develop a Strategy with Your Attorney

When you come in for a consultation, we will go over why you believe the agents or detectives are interested in speaking to you. We will discuss potential criminal exposure, and potential defenses. Together, we will develop a potential plan of attack. When possible, we will try to call the agent together to get more information on the status of their investigation and their interest in interviewing you.

Contact Us Before Making a Statement

If a detective wants to speak to you, do not panic. Do not rush to return their call before speaking to us. We’ve never had a client tell us “I wish I spoke with the police before I retain you.” More often than not, the clients tell us they wish they could take their initial inculpatory statement back. Give us a call to discuss your case before you make a statement you can’t take back.