What is a Wells Notice?

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You’ve received a Wells Notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)… now what?! Before panicking and jumping to conclusions, it is best to understand the purpose of the Wells Notice and Wells Submission process. Wells Notice Explained The Wells … Read More

What is a Federal Detention Hearing?

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Detention hearings are evidentiary hearings that are conducted by Magistrate Judges or District Court Judges to determine if an individual should be detained pending the resolution or sentencing on a federal criminal case. Who Conducts a Federal Detention Hearing? A … Read More

FAQs About New York Child Pornography Cases

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New York Child Pornography cases are aggressively prosecuted under both New York State and federal law. Some of these cases have mandatory minimums, while others are punishable by significant jail time. These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding … Read More

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